Tomohiro Inukai Master Course Grasping of Food Material via Three-Fingered Hand with Linear Rack Mechanism
Ikumi Okada Master Course Experimental Evaluation of Binding Thread in Finger-Thread Coupling Hand
Yuusuke Okino Master Course Unconstraint Poppet Valve Driver based on Step-up Chopper Circuit
Seiya Kobayashi Master Course Rotational Mechanism on Multicopter for Window Cleaning
Yuusaku Tani Daihen Corp. Handling of Food Material with Uneven Texture
Kouyo Nakagawa Master Course Slippage Detection using C-STRETCH
Kousuke Yamada Rohm Co., Ltd. Contact State Detection using Hall-effect Devices
Kouhei Yamamoto Master Course Poppet Motion Measurement of Unconstraint Poppet Valve
Ryousuke Taguchi MEITEC Corp. Food Material Handling via Pneumatic Soft Hands
Masaya Nakagawa Operation Assistance of Multicopter for Pushing-Sliding Operation
Nao Kanda Mitsubishi Motors Corp. Food Material Handling by Pneumatic Soft Hand with Suction Cups


Koutaro Taniwa Master Course Position Control of Pneumatically Driven Multi-DOF Manipulator using Unconstrained Poppet Valves
Yuuki Torigoe Hosiden Corp. Soft-Material Finger Fabricated by 3D Printer
Kenji Nakamura Master Course Resistance Measurement of Fabric Touch Sensor Knitted with Electro-Conductive Yarns
Yuuki Nishida Master Course Robot Moving on Linear Object using Theo Janssen Mechanism
Hiroaki Hayashi Master Course Prismatic Robot Arm for Aerial Robot
Takaya Higuchi Nara Institute of Science and Technology Human Upper Limb Model for Acquisition of Lymphdrainage Operation Skill
Daichi Fukui Master Course Tactile Sensing through Electro-Conductive Fabric
Yuuta Matsumoto NHK SPRING Co.,Ltd Binding Hand with Coated Electro-Conductive Yarns
Kazuya Miyaji Master Course Oscillation Circuit to Drive Pneumatic Unconstrained Poppet Valves
Taku Takashima Daiseki Co., Ltd. Detection of Contact Surfaces using Tactile Sensor with Hall Devices


Kouta Saito ASCOT Corp. Slippage Detection using Electroconductive Fabrics
Toma Suzuki Panasonic Corp. Tensegrity Robot Equipped with Air Pressure Source
Ryouji Takahashi Ishida Measurement of Tissue Elasticity using Photo Sensor and Rotary Encoder
Masaaki Terada Master Course Robotic Hand on a Multicopter for Grasping Bar Objects with Various Diameters
Atsuya Nomura Master Course Evaluation of Bundling Operation of Deformable Linear Objects
Shouta Yamae Master Course Flatfoot Modeling using Finite Element Method
Tomohiro Yamada Master Course Grasping via Electroconductive Rubber Sheets
Naoki Ito Nihon Dengi Co., Ltd. Evaluation of Bandage Operation using Electroconductive Fabrics


Kousuke Kadoma Master Course Estimation of Physical Parameters using Micro Force Sensor
Toshiya Kanamori Toyota Boshoku Corp. Fabrication of Pneumatic Actuators Based on Origami Structures
Yoshiaki Kamihama Toshiba Industrial Products and Systems Corp. Pneumatic Rotational Actuator Based on Origami Structure
Kouji Kuwada Acro Inc. Proximity/Pressure Sensing using Electro-conductive Fabric
Yumeko Jokura KYOCERA Communication Systems Co., Ltd. Robotic Hand on Multicopter for Long Pipe Grasping and Suspended from Branch
Suzuki Higuchi Master Course Position Control of Pneumatic Manipulator using Two-port Valves
Daisuke Mochizuki Master Course Grasping of Irregular-shaped Objects via Four-DOF Three-fingered Hand
Kazuhiro Watanabe Master Course Effect of Slippage on Shaping of a Bundle of Deformable Linear Objects
Tatsuya Nozaki Master Course Aerial Robot for Window Wiping


Hisashi Iwamasa Master Course Binding-based Grasping using Fiber Sensors
Toshiki Souma Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. Automatic Insertion of Flat Cables using ORiN
Yasunari Tabuchi JTEKT Corp. Rolling of Tensegrity with Built-in Air Cartridges
Yuuto Nishike Suzuki Motor Corp. Actuators with Origami Structure
Kanako Fujiwara Panasonic Corp. Reducing Variatin among Unconstrained Pneumatic Valves
Kouhei Okishi Suzuki Motor Corp. Displacement Sensing using Fiber Sensors
Hiroaki Takagi Trust Tech Inc. Forceps Measuring Pressure and Deformatin
Daiki Tateishi BEX Aerial Robot Performing High-place Operation


Fumiya Kawai Master Course Rolling of Tensegrity Robot Consisting of 12 Struts
Shinya Kitamura Ricoh Japan Corp. Rolling of Prism-shaped Tensegrity Robot
Kazuya Kusu Nissin Electric Co., Ltd. Texture Discrimination using Needle
Shinya Suehiro Jupiter Telecomm. Co., Ltd. Three-dimensional Modeling of Human Thigh
Atsuko Doi Deformation Measurement of Rheological Objects through Image Processing
Kazuhiro Kato Master Course Unconstrained Poppet Valve for Tensegrity Robots


Yuuki Aboshi Master Course Rolling of Tensegrity Robot through Strut Extension
Junichi Ishikawa Master Course Three-dimensional Orientation Control via Soft Fingertips with Prismatic Joints
Syo Imai Master Course Fabric Texture Sensing by Soft Fingertips
Ryo Imuta Master Course Simulation of Three-dimensional Rolling of Tensegrity Robots
Kenta Kouzai Master Course Prototyping Vibrational Three-way Unconstrained Poppet Valves
Yoshiki Sakiguchi Master Course Parameter Identification of Non-homogeneous Deformable Objects
Yuusuke Takagaki Master Course Successive Identification of Dynamic Model Parameters of Deformable Belt Objects
Touma Taniguchi Gigaphoton Inc. Rolling of Tensegrity Robot Driven by Vibrational Unconstrained Poppet Valves
Masataka Tamiya Master Course Three-dimensional Measurement of Object Shape using Stereo Vision and Pattern Projection


Takumi Ishii Mitsubishi Electric Control Software Corp. Three-dimensional Shape Measurement using Stereo Vision and Projector
Kazuhiro Izusawa Master Course Miniaturized Driving Circuits for Unconstrained Poppet Valves
Kenta Okada YKK Corp. Graping Force Control by a Pair of 2-DOF Soft Fingers
Yuusuke Onoda Master Course Incipient Slip Measurement of Soft Fingertips
Masayoshi Kinoshita Master Course Accelerating Rheological Deformation Simulation using GPGPU
Yuuta Kyotou Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Simulation of 3D Rolling of Tensegrity Robots using ODE (Open Dynamics Engine)
Yuusuke Koizumi Master Course Locomotion of Tensegrity Robots
Toukou Takubo Master Course Tracking Moving Object by SIFT and Particle Filter
Muhammad Hisyam B Rosle Master Course Measurement of the Cable-end's Position and Orientation based on Stereo Camera


Yoshiaki Kato Master Course Object Location Measurement using SIFT and Voting
Hidetaka Shibata Taihei Kogyo Co., Ltd. Control of 3-link Flexible Arm using High-speed Vision System
Masayuki Tatsumi Master Course Miniaturization of Unconstrained Popped Valve and its Driving Circuit
Kazuma Terashi Master Course Posture Estimation of Tensegrity Robot
Mitsuo Nakase Motion Analysis of Tensegrity Robots
Yasutaka Nakatani Master Course Underwater Soft-fingered Manipulation
Kouya Miura East Japan Railway Planar Motion Measurement of Microparts during their Feeding
Atsuo Mori Master Course Estimation of Needle Trajectory under MRI-guided Surgery
Yuusuke Taniguchi Master Course Haptic Presentation of Rheological Objects


Yoshiyuki Abe Master Course Estimation of Inner Deformation inside Soft Fingertips
Masahiko Ito Master Course (Titech) Miniaturization of Vibration-driven Unconstrained Pneumatic Valves
Takaaki Inden Master Course Rotation of Rimless Clothes via Wiping motion
Hiroaki Uemoto Master Course Object Grasping and Manipulation via Three Soft Fingertips
Akira Uchida Master Course (Tejima Lab.) Microparts Feeding by Saw-tooth Surface driven by Layered PZT Actuators
Kenji Enomoto Master Course (Tsukuba) Rendering of Slippery Sensation using Electromagnetic Device
Yuuki Kataoka Master Course Insertion of Flexible Linear Objects considering Air Resistance
Yoshiyuki Kishi Master Course Experimental Evaluation of Tracking Algorithms with Template Update
Fuminori Komatu Sojitz Systems Corporation Needle Insertion into Soft Tissue Phantom
Fumio Saijyo Master Course (MOT) Static Analysis of Tensegrity Robots


Hideya Tsuji Japan Business Management, Inc. Experimental Verification of Tribology in Micro-parts Feeder
Shoichiro Uno Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Movement of Soft Robots composed of IPMC Actuators
Tsuyoshi Ohta Master Course Dynamic Unfolding of Fabrics using Pinching Slip Motion
Yoichiro Ogawa Master Course Output of Micro Droplets using Unconstrained Poppet Valve
Shinya Kita Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Experimental Verification of 3D Object Orientation Grasped by Three Soft Fingertips
Kazuki Namima Master Course FE Simulation of Active Ischemia Dynamics
Hiroyuki Muranaka Master Course Control of 2-link Flexible Arm using Realtime Vision System
Yujiro Yamazaki Master Course Object Insertion by Soft Fingertips


Hiroshi Takayama Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Unconstrained Poppet Valve Driven by Vibration
Noburu Tsukamoto Master Course Realtime Tracking using Dynamic Contour Method on FPGA
Kenji Matsubara Master Course Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Fingertip Softness to Stable Grasping and Manipulation
Yasuaki Matsumoto Master Course Display of Softness using EPAM Actuators
Masayuki Miyazaki Master Course Locomotion by Vibration
Takahiro Yoshimura Master Course Posture Control of Loosely Coupled Mechanism
Toshiatsu Yoshimura Master Course Micro-parts Feeding by Saw-Teeth Surface


Rie Aino Master Course Orientation Detection using Matched Filter on CMOS+FPGA Vision
Misa Iwagawa Master Course (MOT) Measurement of Viscoelastic Deformation using Lacas-Kanade Method
Hisashi Nakanishi Master Course Study on Soft Robot Crawling based on Linear Object Modeling
Yoshinari Matsuyama Master Course Dynamics of Jumping via Charge and Release of Potential Energy
Kazuma Uedan Master Course (MOT) Loosely Coupled Joint driven by SMA Actuators
Keita Yoshida Mazda Motor Thermally Expanded Pneumatic Actuator


Takashi Ikuta Master Course Generalized Voigt Model for Virtual Rheological Objects
Ayumi Shiotsu Master Course Circular/Spherical Soft Robots driven by SMA Coils
Kazuhiro Shimizu Master Course High-speed and High-resolution Visual Feedback using CMOS sensor and FPGA
Kouji Tachibana Muratec Path Planning for Object Tracking using Visual Information
Ikuo Fujii Master Course Quasi-static Manipulation by Two 1-DOF Fingers with Semi-spherical Soft Tips
Kazuma Hojyo Brother Skew Control of Cards using Vacuum Hole Array
Masaki Morimoto SMC Static-electric Actuator
Masafumi Yamanaka Master Course Deformation Modeling and Simulation of Circular Soft Robots


Shouta Uehara Master Course Prototyping of Micro Pneumatic Proportional Valve
Kouhei Kitagawa Master Course Control of Varifocus Mirror System
Naoto Sugano Master Course Vibrational Micro Parts Feeding using Piezoelectric Devices
Toshinori Tamai Master Course Prototyping of Hydraulic Varifocus Mirror System
Masataka Toyota Master Course (NAIST) Trajectory Planning for Fast Object Handling
Shinichiro Hayami Master Course Haptic Display of 3D Rheological Object
Daisuke Hino Master Course Estimation of Object Mass by Soft-fingered Robotic Hand
Seiichi Fujita Trans Cosmos Parameter Identification of Virtual Rheological Objects
Takuma Miyake KHK Robotic Hand Driven by McKebben Pneumatic Actuators
Tetsuya Yamamoto Master Course Contour Detection using GVF Snakes


Yohei Ichimaru Muratec Driving System of Varifocus Mirror using Ultrasonic Actuator
Miwako Usui Master Course Prototyping Pneumatic Group Actuators using McKebben Air Muscles
Yasuhiko Kondou Master Course (Watanabe Lab.) Power Control of Engine using Fluid Clutch
Yuuta Sugiyama Master Course Modeling of Virtual Rheological Objects via Particle-based Approach and Discrete-element Approach
Hirotaka Tanaka Master Course (Watanabe Lab.) Object Manipulation under Water using Pneumatic Gripper
Seiji Tomokuni Master Course Modeling and Realtime Computation of Virtual Rheological Deformation
Yasuaki Nakajima Omron Sound Source Location by Matched Filtering
Shuuichi Maeda Master Course Skew Control of Cards using Vacuum Hole Array
Mirai Maebashi Apro Grasping of Deformable Object by Haptic Feedback
Hiroyuki Morihara Master Course Realtime Vision System based on Rotation-invariant Phase Only Correlatin
Kohsuke Yamamoto Master Course Realtime Vision System using Matched Filtering


Kazuyuki Takashima JR West Design of Card Separation System
Hisamitu Namikoshi Comsys Vision-based Handling of Planar Motion Objects
Kazunori Yamamoto Master Course (Makikawa Lab.) Motion Control of Pneumatic Group Actuator Composed of Single-motion Elastic Tubes
Hiroaki Yosioka Master Course Vision Algorithm to Track Swimming Fish in Water


Kouji Uchida Nippon System Development Deformation Control of Rheological Objects with Extensional Former
Masakazu Okada Matsushita Refrigeration Company Finger Force Sensor for the Manipulation of Deformable Objects
Shinji Kazama Toyota Techno Service Vision System for the Separation of Stacked Cards
Takaomi Kawazu Daiwa Bank Object Handling by Pneumatic Gripper
Nozomu Suzuki Visual Recognition of Stacked Card
Takuya Sumita Minolta Separation of Cards using Vacuum Hole Array
Shinya Tanaka Sumitomo Wiring Systems Prototyping Pneumatic Actuator Composed of Multiple Rubber Tubes
Haruki Yamada Master Course Dynamic Analysis of Two-dimensional Vibration Feeding
Hiroshi Matsushita Master Course (Makikawa Lab.) Prototyping Extensional Former of Rheological Dough


Satoshi Okui Deformation Modeling of Rheological Objects
Masaya Kato Master Course (Makikawa Lab.) Two-legged Mechanics of Human
Masafumi Kimura Master Course Prototyping 1-DOF Impulsive Sorter
Nobuyoshi Koike Master Course Vision-based Manipulation of Extensible Objects
Shinichiro Sakamoto Funai Electric Design and Prototyping Extensional Former of Rheological Dough
Shinpei Sasabe Sky Think System Pneumatic Actuator with Mechanical Constraints
Noritaka Tanabe Funai Electric Measurement of Wrist Rotation by Flexible Strain Gauges
Wataru Nakajima Funai Electric Vibration Pattern in Linear Parts Feeding
Nobuhiro Noyama Shiga Police Distributed Manipulation of Sheet by Pneumatic Jet Array
Takeomi Hidaka Yaskawa Electric Identification of Dynamic Model of 6-DOF Open-loop Manipulator
Shinya Hosoda YEC Trajectory Impedance Control of 6-DOF Open-loop Manipulator
Akihiro Masubuchi Master Course Actuator Modules of Reconfigurable Robotic System


Takuya Saito Master Course Prototyping Two-legged Mechanism
Hiroaki Saito Sapporo Breweries Shape Control of Sheet by Air Jet
Satoru Natsume Master Course Vibration Suppression of Panel Transfer Robots
Tomohiro Masui Master Course FE Simulation of Pneumatic Rubber Actuator with Mechanical Constraints
Hiroshige Mori Master Course Vision-based Indirect Simultaneous Positioning of Extensible Object
Hidenari Yamasaki Modeling of Upper Limb Motion


Takeshi Sakamoto Master Course Simultaneous Identification of Dynamic Parameters of 6-DOF Open-loop Mechanical Manipulator
Kei Sugita Asimori Industry Prototyping Two-legged Mechanism
Hiroki Tanigawa Master Course FE Analysis of Pneumatic Rubber Actuators
Takafumi Tuchie Master Course Analysis of Upper Limb Motion
Tatsuhiko Tsuboi Master Course Design of Reconfigurable Mechanism
Masaaki Niwa Master Course Object Sorting using Air Floating and Collision
Yoshiaki Fujita Master Course Analysis of Human Force Sensation in Insertion of Deformable Tubes
Kyoko Miyazaki Mathematical Systems Vision-based Manipulation of Deformable Object by Multiple Pinching Fingers