Ph.D Course Graduates

Javier Molina Mendez A Grasping-Pruning Mechanism for Pruning Tasks by Aerial Robots


Damith Suresh Chathuranga University of Moratuwa Fabrication and Analysis of Magnet Based Soft TactileSensor and Its Application to Robotic Manipulation and Texture Classification


Le Hoai Phuong Ho Chi Minh City University Dynamic Modeling of Microparts Motion along Asymmetric Saw-tooth Surface with Symmetric Vibration


Van Anh Ho Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Localized Displacement Phenomenon Interpreted by Beam Bundle Model of a Soft Fingertip and Its Application to Assessing Slip Perception of Soft Tactile Systems


Zhongkui Wang Ritsumeikan University Modeling and Parameter Estimation of Rheological Objects for Simultaneous Reproduction of Force and Deformation


Jien Sumadi Integral Technology Miniaturized Piezoelectrically Driven Unconstraiend Valves for Robotic Applications


Takahiro Inoue Okayama Prefectural University Study on Soft-fingered Handling via Minimum DOF Robotic Hand for Robust Manipulation
Mizuho Shibata Ritsumeikan University Dynamic Objcet Manipulation via Soft Interface


Tatsuhiko Tsuboi Toray Engineering Detection of Planar Motion Objects by Vision Algorithms based on Radon Transform


Shinichi Tokumoto Wakayama Industrial Center Modeling and Forming Control of Rheological Objects