Machine Intelligence

I will lecture principles of computational and mechanical intelligence, covering Turing machine, search, probabilistic methods, neural network, optimization, and object manipulation. (Dept. Robotics, B2)

1st 9/30Robot Intelligence: computation, mechanics, intelligence
2nd10/ 7Turing machine: state, symbols, transition
3rd10/21Turing machine: diagonal argument, halt problem
4th10/28Search: graphs, shortest path
5th11/ 4Search: Dijkstra method, game tree
6th11/11(1st quiz)
7th11/18Probabilistic method: random numbers, Monte Carlo method
8th11/25Probabilistic method: robot motion planning, probabilistic roadmaps
9th11/30Neural network: neuron model, approximation theorem
10th12/ 9Neural network: back propagation
11th12/16(2nd quiz)
12th12/23Optimization: linear programming
13th 1/ 6Optimization: linear inequalities, duality, nonlinar optimization
14th 1/20Object manipulation: motion constraints, form closure
15th 1/21Object manipulation: grasping, force closure

1st    Robot Intelligence reduced copy
2nd,3rd    Turing machine reduced copy
4,5th    Graph and search reduced copy    sample programs
7,8th    Probabilistic method reduced copy    sample programs
9,10th    Neural network reduced copy    sample programs
12,13th    Optimization reduced copy    sample programs
14,15th    Object manipulation reduced copy    sample programs
Appendix    MATLAB reduced copy    sample programs

Sample Programs

Evaluation : Final Exam. 50% and Quiz 50%

Science of Intelligence Handling Technology
(Robotics Textbook Series 6) (Robotics Textbook Series 14)
Suguru Arimoto Shinichi Hirai, Hidefumi Wakamatsu
Corona Publishing, ISBN 978-4-339-04517-8 Corona Publishing, ISBN 978-4-339-04525-3