impulsivesorter Impulsive Sorter

Heads: Shinichi Hirai
Contact: Tatsuhiko Tsuboi

Date: 1997 - 2000

Mailing address:
Dept. Robotics, Ritsumeikan Univ.
Kusatsu, Shiga 525-8577, Japan

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Project Description

The goal of this project is to develop a impulsive sorter, which enables fast object sorting with high flexibility. Air floating and sorting using collision enable fast sorting and vision-guided sorting provides high flexibility.

The goal of this project to develop a fast sorting device with high flexibility. Traditional conveyers and feeders can perform fast conveyance and sorting of objects but are short of flexibility. On the other hand, handling robots has high flexibility while cannot perform fast operations. In this project, we will develop an impulsive sorter to perform fast operations with high flexibility. The impulsive sorter has the following properties:

The control law of the impulsive sorter will be investigated.


Name Title Degree
Masaaki Niwa Graduated Master of Eng.




Sorting by impulsive sorter (mpg 3.2MB)

Impulsive sorter

Air table

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