limbmodeling Modeling of Human Upper Limbs

Heads: Shinichi Hirai
Contact: Takafumi Tuchie

Date: 1997 - 1999

Mailing address:
Dept. Robotics, Ritsumeikan Univ.
Kusatsu, Shiga 525-8577, Japan

Supported by:

Associated lab/group:

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Project Description

The goal of this project is to construct a computer model of human upper limbs and to analyze human manipulative operations using the developed model.


Name Title Degree
Takafumi Tuchie Graduated Master of Eng.



Measuring shoulder abduction (avi 3.4MB)

Measuring shoulder flexion (avi 3.7MB)

Measuring shoulder rotation (avi 2.7MB)

Measuring elbow flexion (avi 3.1MB)

Measuring system of upper limb motion

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