Analytical Mechanics

I will teach basics and applications of analytical mechanics emphasizing variation principle of statics, variation principle of dynamics, and method of variation. These issues will be applied to mechanics of rigid body systems and vibration, which are important topics in mechatoronics.

1stIntroduction to Analytical Mechanics
2ndReview of Newton Mechanics
3rdMotion of Rigid Bodies
4thPrinciple of Virtual Works (Variation Principle in Statics)
5thd'Alembert's Principle
6thGeneralized Coordinates
7thLangrange's Equation of Motion
8thMethod of Variation
9thConstrained Variation Issues
10thHamilton's Principle (Variation Principle in Dynamics)
11thApplication to Vibration
12thLongitudinal Vibration of Rod
13thApplication to Rigid Body Systems
14thMotion Equation of Rigid Body Systems

Evaluation: Examination. You will pass the examination when your score exceeds 60 points.

Textbook: No textbook is specified.
References: Analytical Dynamics : A New Approach  Robert E. Kalaba     Cambridge University Press
References: Analytical Dynamics  Haim Baruh     McGraw-Hill Higher Education

You are requested to study Newton mechanics (classical mechanics). In addition, you should complete differential and integral calculus.