softinterface Soft Interface

Heads: Shinichi Hirai
Contact: Mizuho Shibata

Date: 2004 - 2009

Mailing address:
Dept. Robotics, Ritsumeikan Univ.
Kusatsu, Shiga 525-8577, Japan

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Project Description

The goal of this research is to control mechanisms including soft interface. Through the simultaneous control of motion and deformation of a soft object and the control of a loosely coupled joint, we reveal the interaction between mechanics and control in the control of mechanisms with soft interface.
2007/8/22 Dr. Shibata's proposal "Investigation of Human Dexterity Generated by Loose Joints via Soft Elements"was accepted for a Grant in Aid for Scientific Research (start-up).


Name Title Degree
Mizuho Shibata Kinki University Ph.D
Takahiro Yoshimura Graduated Master of Eng.
Daisuke Hino Graduated Master of Eng.
Kazuma Uedan Graduated




Loosely coupled joint driven by McKibbin actuators (mpg 2.9MB)

Loosely coupled joint driven by SMA actuators (mpg 3.0MB)

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