Research Topics

Current Projects

printablehand Printable Hand

We will apply a 3D printer that can print soft materials to fabricate soft robotic hands with their application to soft object handling.

bindinghand Binding Hand

We propose a novel robotic hand based on the concept of binding to grasp and handle soft food materials. Binding applies elastic threads instead of rigid fingers for grasping. Binding hands are capable of picking up deformable cups with food materials and packing them in to a lunch box.

fingertipsensor Soft Fingertip Sensor

We will fabricate a force sensor embedded with a soft fingertip. The sensor consists of Hall-effect devices and permenent magnets.

aerialrobot Aerial Robots

The aim of this research is to design and control aerial robots interacting with the environment to perform operations by means of physical contact. We apply aerial robots to a wide range of operations such as branch cutting in forestry, window cleaning of buildings, and hammering test of constructions.

aerialpruning Aerial Pruning

This research aims at pruning tree branches using an aerial robot. We propose a skew-gripper for fixing an aerial robot to a branch and pruning a branch by a cutting tool.

footmodel Mechanical Modeling of Foot

The aim of this research is mechanical modeling of flatfoolt. Based on images of foot, we build a finite element model of flatfoot and perform physical simulation of walking and surgery.

oralcare Human Motion Analysis in Oral Care

We will measure caregiver's motion during oral care using oral model.

foodmodel Food Modeling

This research will establish a modeling method of food to simulate food manufacturing and food eating processes. We will build a simulation model of manufacturing process of Japanese sweets.

microvalve Micro Pneumatic Valve

We develop a micro pneumatic proportional valve that can be embedded into pneumatic muscles and can control air flow of 0.5 MPa pressure and 5 l/min flow rate to drive the pneumatic muscles.

softfinger Soft-fingered Manipulation

The goal of this research is to perform dexterous and stable object manipulation using soft-fingered mechanical hands. The location of a manipulated object measured by a realtime vision system and the grasping force measured by a tactile sensor are fedback to the hand motion to realize stable grasping and manipulation. We are interested in the modeling of soft fingertips and the control law for grasping and manipulation.

surfacebendsensor Surface Bend Sensor

This research aims at sensing of surface deformation. We will apply multiple conductive patterns to estimate the deformation of a bendable plate.

foodpropertysensing Food Property Sensing

This research aims at non-destructive measurement of food physical properties. Providing vibration to a food material, we measure its viscoelastic nature.


Past Projects

foodhandling Food Handling

This research aims at automatic handling of food objects by robotic systems. Food object handling requires less accuracy but capability to cope with variance in shapes and locations of food objects. Based on caging, we will design a robot hand that can cope with such uncertainties to perform automatic handling of food objects.

fibersensor Fiber Sensor

This research focuses on deformation sensing using electro-conductive yarns.

fingermodel Mechanical Modeling of Fingers

Here we will build a biomechanical model of vitreous humor. Based on force and displacement measurements through a micro robot moving inside the vitreous, we will estimate deformation properties of the vitreous to build up its finite element model.

slipsensor Slip Sensing Sensor

This project focuses on slip detecting sensors. Using a fabric sensor consisting of conductive yarns and a set of accelerometers embedded in a soft fingertip, we will perform incipient slip detection and texture recognition.

softrobot Crawling and Jumping Soft Robots

In this research, we will develop a robot capable of rough terrain locomotion by its rolling and jumping. A robot consisting of deformable soft body and flexible actuators can roll and jump on a ground by the deformation of its deformable body.

tensegrity Tensegrity Robots

In this research, we will investigate a robot that moves over terrain via the deformation of tensegrity structure. The body consists of rigid elements connected by tensional members. Deformation of tensegrity structure yields the locomotion over terrain.

underwatervision Underwater Vision

We develop a vision system capable of finding and tracking a target under the water. In Lake Biwa, where optical nature is different from the air and there exhibits many floating micro objects, we will develop a system to find and track fish in the lake.

beltobjectmanipulation Belt Object Manipulation

The goal of this research is to realize the manipulation of belt objects such as flat cables and flexible circuit boards. Deformation properties are estimated through visual observation of object deformation to determine the trajectory of a manipulator handling the object.

eyemodel Mechanical Modeling of Eyes

Here we will build a biomechanical model of vitreous humor. Based on force and displacement measurements through a micro robot moving inside the vitreous, we will estimate deformation properties of the vitreous to build up its finite element model.

livermodel Mechanical Modeling of Liver

This research will establish a method to build the deformation model of non-uniform biological objects based on their inner measurement. We will obtain the deformation field inside the object using CT and MRI to estimate non-uniform deformation parameters.

microfeeder Micro Parts Feeding

The goal of this project is to realize vibration drive of micro electric parts such as chip condensers and resisters. We apply asymmetric surface (saw-tooth surface) with symmetric vibration (sinusoidal vibration) to realize one-directional motion of micro parts. We are analyzing dynamics of micro parts during feeding.

linearobjectmanipulation Manipulation of Deformable Linear Objects

In this research, we will explore the manipulation of deformable linear objects such as cables, cords, and tubes. Based on linear object modeling, we will establish control strategy to perform the manipulation of linear objects.

beltobjectmodeling Belt Object Modeling

The goal of this research is to establish the modeling method for deformable belt objects such as flat cables and flexible circuit boards. A modeling method, which is based on differential geometry, is developed to describe bend and twist of a belt object.

needleinsertion Needle Insertion Simulation

This research aims at dynamic simulation of needle insertion process in medical surgery. We will establish a method to simulate the needle insertion process without remeshing and a method to estimate physical parameters in the insertion.

CMOSvision CMOS+FPGA Vision

We develop a CMOS+FPGA vision system to perform fast (1,000fps) and high-resolution (1,000x1,000 pixels) visual feedback. A CMOS image sensor realizes fast capturing of successive images and an FPGA where vision algorithms are implemented enables realtime computation of features for visual feedback.

softinterface Soft Interface

The goal of this research is to control mechanisms including soft interface. Through the simultaneous control of motion and deformation of a soft object and the control of a loosely coupled joint, we reveal the interaction between mechanics and control in the control of mechanisms with soft interface.

clothhandling Cloth Expansion

This project aims at the development of a mechanical system that performs unfolding of clothes. The unfolding consists of grasping, expansion, and placing operatoins. We analyze dynamic expansion by pinching slip motion.

virtualrheologicalobject Virtual Rheological Objects

We will construct virtual rheological objects in VR space and will realize haptic sensation at the contact with rheological objects. Research topics include reality-based modeling of rheological objects, volmatic visualization of deformation inside rheological objects from CT and ultrasonic images, and haptic rendering of rheological deformation.

linearobjectmodeling Linear Object Modeling

The goal of this project is to establish the modeling method for deformable linear objects such as cords and tubes. Differential geometry method is developed so that bend, twist, and extension of a deformable linear object in 3D space can be described on a computer.

FPGAvision FPGA-based Realtime Vision

We will develop realtime vision chips attachable to a robotic hand. Vision algorithms to detect the position and the orientation of a planar motion object are implemented on FPGA's to perform them within the video-frame rate.

3Dvision 3D Imaging

In this project, we will develop a 3D imaging system using a varifocus mirror. Multiple images with various focus distances can be obtained by use of the varifocus mirror. Applying Shape-from-Focus technique, we can compute an entirely-focused image or a 3D distance image.

deformableactuator Deformable Pneumatic Actuators

We will develop deformable pneumatic actuators. Embedding linear constraints on an elastic rubber tube yields a single-motion actuator (SMA). We will then construct a pneumatic group actuator (PGA) composed of multiple SMA's.

clothpositioning Cloth Positioning

The goal of this project is to derive operation strategy and control law for the positioning of multiple points on an extensible cloth. Distributed manipulation system is developed for this positioning and a novel control law for the positioning is derived based on a coarse model of a cloth.

cardseparation Card Separation

In this project, we will develop a mechanical system that separate stacked cards and control the location of separated cards.

softobjectgrasping Vision and Tactile Sensing based Grasping Manipulation

The goal of this project is to grasp and to manipulate deformable soft objects based on vision and tactile sensing. Stable grasping and object manipulation are performed by tactile and visual feedbacks.

doughforming Rheological Object Forming

The goal of this project is to perform the automatic forming operations of rheological objects such as dough, paste, and jerry. Novel forming machine and forming control law using vision sensing are developed for the automatic forming of rheological objects.

partsfeeder High-speed Vibration Drive

The goal of this project is to realize fast vibration drive in feeding of parts under millimeter. Optimizing vibration pattern, we will perform faster conveyance of the small parts. Moreover, distributed drive is applied to develop a sorting system of the small parts.

visionbasedpicking Vision-based Object Picking

We will develop a mechanical system that can grasp and manipulate a fast planar-motion object on a table. Grasping and manipulation of an object are preformed by feeding back the position and the orientation of an object to a 7-axis manipulator PA-10.

skilltransfer Extraction of Human Manipulative Skills

The goal of this project is to establish a technique to extract human skills in manipulation and to transplant these skills in a mechanical manipulator. We have applied our method to the insertion of a deformable tube into a plug.

limbmodeling Modeling of Human Upper Limbs

The goal of this project is to construct a computer model of human upper limbs and to analyze human manipulative operations using the developed model.

forcecontroldesign Design and Learning of Force Control Laws

The goal of this project to establish a method to determine admittance control parameters appropriate to individual mating operations. We will develop an analytical method to design admittance matrices and commanded motion in mating operations based on the modifiability of the operations.

impulsivesorter Impulsive Sorter

The goal of this project is to develop a impulsive sorter, which enables fast object sorting with high flexibility. Air floating and sorting using collision enable fast sorting and vision-guided sorting provides high flexibility.